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132                                       I'LOltA   IN DICA.
The district of Coirnhator has, like that of Salem, so ™:my
peculiar features, as to call for a special notice. It lios oppo-
site the groat gap in the Peninsular chain already wo -'fto?» re-
ferred to, I'M td is conterminous with Malabar. BH .ur^
southern slopes of the Nilghiri mountains, and tin- :-»I'<}H'W
face of those of Travaucor, there is interposed a spac* / - -^ii,
thirty mi Irs in width traversed by low hills. Across ;i;< .im-
pression, the south-west monsoon has almost a frn pas^i^o
to the eastward; but the i>rcat elevation of the moimi^^ *w
both sides, and the absn ce of any considerable hills-- i*t the
district, cause the monsoon wind to pass over'withor« depo-
siting much of its moisture, and, though the climate ;> humid,
the rain-fall is very trilling. Dining the north-east monsoon
again, thchSjrli hills of casioni Mysore and tlioso of tiu*; Salem
district intentcpt a considerable portion of tho moisture nhich
would otherwise reach t'nis district. (Amnbator is thus rc-
niArfcuble for the very small annual amount of rain, which is
not more than twenty-one inches.
Tho district of Tanjor, which comprises the dolta of the
river Cavoty, ap])cars to present no remarkable features be-
yond those, common to all tropical deltas. Its climate is
more humid and cool Uian. the remainder of the (1umatic,
chiefly owing to the swampy soil.
The extreme southern portion of the Carnatic, including the
districts of Madura and Tiuncvolly, is separated from tho re-
mainder by a lofty transverse range of mountains, whuih runs
from west to east, passing to the south of Dindigsil. These
mountains, which at their eastern extremity, when* they are
called Ihiiiuy (Palnai) mountain*, are (>000~8000 fwt in height,
gradually diminish in elevation to the eastward* About five
miles south of Dindigal the Scrroo Muliay (Sen! Malaya)
hills, rise to 3500 feet, and the range sinks, about twenty
miles to the eastward of Dindi^al, into the plain of the Car-
natia Thin range of hills insulates in a very remarkable
manner the districts to the .south of it, which am sheltered
from $ie south-west monsoon by the high mountains of Tra-
vaueor on the west, and from the north oust monsoon bv this